Shalini Ke Saath, Thand Ka Swaad

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jackmusical 2013-02-24 Comments

Hello friends, How are you all? Hope all are fine and doing well in both your external and personal lives. Today I am going to tell you a story which has happened in my life a few months back.

It was a cold night and temperature was dipping day by day. Fog bhi bahut zyada tha jiske karan roads aur communications were badly affected. I had to go for a deal with one of my client in Delhi and due to fog, train was delayed for about 6 hours. The arrival time was supposed to be 5 pm but the train arrived in Old Delhi at 11 pm. Mera jo hotel booked tha wo station se almost 10 KM door tha. I asked a few auto wala but they were asking for huge money so I decided to wait for some shared cabs. I went to the main road and waited.

After about half an hour I saw a nice looking sedan slowing down and stopped near me. I thought it might be someone and ignored. Suddenly a lady of around 30-40 years of age came out of the car and asked me “Can I help you?”. I was overwhelmed by the situation and said the story about the train delay and all. She said that she can drop me to my hotel if I don’t mind. I was very happy by the response she gave as I always like people who are helping. Till that point of time, mera koi galat intention nahi tha uske bare me. Maine unko thanks bola aur apna bag leke car me baith gaya. Itni thandi me achanak mujhe accha laga kyu ki a/c was on and it was really warm inside, uske saath soft retro music to situation ko bahut romantic kar diya tha.

5 minutes baad we started talking again and I shared the details about my journey and my work. Phir maine unke bare me puch toh unhone bataya ki ek party se arahi hai. Her voice was really sexy and I started to feel a little comfortable with her.

Her name was shalini and she was in her mid-thirties. Her husband is a businessman and stays on tour most of the time. Is se mujhe thoda ehsaas hua ki she is lonely and that is the reason she offered me a lift. Baaton baton me maine unki awaz ki taarif kiya aur unhone thanks bola. Apne husband ke bare me baat karte karte wo thodi senti ho gayi aur chup ho gayi. I gave her the directions to my hotel and finally we reached. I told her how much help she did to me and so on, she asked me about my schedule. I gave her the details and also my visiting card. She left with a cute smile.

Agle din saara kaam farne ke baad hotel wapas aaya, fresh hoke tv on kiya aur ek call aya. I picked the call and the moment I heard the voice, mujhe pata chal gaya ki it was her. She asked about my dinner plans and she told me to be ready in half an hour.

After about 40 minutes, she called me to come to the main road and I reached there. The moment I saw her, I was completely stunned to see her in a short skirt with a velvet jacket. Mai unko dekhte hi pagal ho gaya, ek moment ke liye mai sochne laga ki yeh trip mere liye kitna lucky hai. Phir mai unke pass gaya aur handshake kiya. Mere andar se koi word nahi nikal raha tha.

Achanak Shalini boli, “Kya hua?”.
“Kuch nahi, bas apko dekhke hosh udd gaye”.
“Really? Aisa kya dikha tumhe mujhme? Chalo wo sab baat car me karte hai”
Phir hum car me baith gaye aur baatein karne lage.

Mujhe Delhi ke bare me zyada pata nahi tha to maine jagah ka naam pucha par idea nahi kar paya ki kya hai.

After around 25 minutes, we reached at a highway resort type of place…waha sirf ek chota sa house tha aur kuch log jo waha kaam karte the.
Humne car park kiya aur resort ke andar chale gaye. Waha ka decoration dekhke mai hairaan ho gaya. Ekdam purani haveli jaisi thi wo place. Mujhe samajh me aa gaya ki shalini ka irada kya hai. Hum dono couch pe baith gaye aur baatein karne lage.

Baat chit karte karte kareeb 10 baj gaye phir humne dinner kiya mast wala aur TV dekhne lage. Thdi der baad tv band kiya aur waha drawer pe kuch CD’s rakhi thi jo ki Porn kit hi maine chalu kiya.

Dheere dheere movie chalu hui aur wo movie me ek story thi jisme ek aurat jo ki married thi par unsatisfied thi aur wo pass ke ghar ke neighbour ke ladke ke saath flirt kar rahi thi. Dheere dheere wo movie mahol ko garam karne lagi aur usme ladke ne wo aurat ke saath chudaai chalu kar diya.

Thodi der movie dekhne ke baad humne thoda wine piya aur slow music on kar diya. Shalini ne apna jacket nikal diya aur abhi one piece me thi. Uske boobs ka size dekhke mere lund me hulchul hona chalu ho gaya. Ekdam fair aut pet me thoda sa fat ekdam perfect lag rahi thi wo. Uske legs dekhke mai pagal ho jaraha tha aur soch raha tha ki aaj kya ho sakta hai. Dhire dhire humein samajhme araha tha ki jaldi se karyakram ki shubh arambh karna hi sahi hoga. Shalini ne mujhe bola, “Toh? Kya soch rahe ho?”.


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